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B2 Fast Gas Locker

Precio de oferta$29.99

Description: Win the odor war! Strong equipment odors have plagued athletes for too long, but not anymore with Battle Fast Gas. + Remove a canister from the pouch packaging
+ Place open canister on a surface in the Fast Gas Locker or other enclosed treatment area, but not directly on clothes
+ Fill cap (lid) with water and pour into canister
+ Close the Fast Gas Locker
+ Do not open the locker or area being treated for a minimum of 4 hours
+ After the treatment is finished, replace the cap (lid) and dispose of the canister.

It eliminates every bad odor at the molecular level using a revolutionary oxidizing formula. Use it in enclosed areas!

B2 Fast Gas Locker
B2 Fast Gas Locker Precio de oferta$29.99